Lloyd Eats World started with a vision: to blend the flavors of two worlds.
Lloyd Bautista is a Filipino American Chef who was raised in the Bay Area. Growing up, he’s always had an interest when it came to food.
Lloyd at Tailgate Popup
As he continues to hone in on his craft and learn about different techniques and cuisines, his curiosity about different food combinations grows as well.
Lloyd has been working in and surrounded by the food industry since high school, going on to graduate Culinary School in 2012 from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. After spending time cooking different cuisines, Lloyd was inspired to focus on a familiar taste that raised him: Filipino food. Many of his dishes created are brought to life by the curiosity of finding both the differences and similarities between multiple cuisines, and a genuine appreciation for the cultures that create them.
Lloyd Eats World started out in 2017 with simple photoshoots of dishes created by Lloyd. By adding other talented team members in marketing, advertising, and videography, Lloyd Eats World not only focuses on food that they serve, but the customer experience as well.